Our Ministries

Children's Ministry

The children are also growing deeper in God’s word. This is a result of God’s gift of passionate teachers and volunteers.  They are also equipped to worship through music. In addition to vocalists ,there is now a children’s band. The children’s programs include; Holiday Bible Clubs (HBC),Special Needs Class, Rites Of Passage Experiences(ROPES) and Pastoral Practise Instruction(PPI). For more information:
Email : wasonga@nairobibaptist.co.ke


Family care ministry through the following arms has continued to shape families to be stronger and Christ Centered: 

  1. ANGAZA Ministry– Our women’s ministry has continued to spur many women to love and godliness. They usually meet every 2 Saturday of the month.
  2. Men’s Ministry-The men’s ministry meets every week on Wednesdays from 6am for prayers and every 1st Saturday of the month for breakfast fellowship.
  3. Couples Ministry. This includes two core ministries i.e The pre-marital ministry (Preparing couples getting ready for marriage) and Marriage Enrichment Ministry (Focuses on married couples).
  4. Other Fellowships and Support Ministries. These include:  Child dedication, Olive Ministry (Ministry for the widows), CALEB generation (Fellowship for persons 55+ years), GOLDS (Providing support to those who have gone through divorce or separation), JARS OF CLAY (Provides fellowship and support for persons infected and affected by terminal illnesses), Grief and Recovery ( Visitation and support of families post bereavement).


Email: ken@nairobibaptist.co.ke

Discipleship ministry facilitates the congregation to connect, engage and grow. As NBC Ngong Road we strongly believe that the family unit is the primary area  for discipleship.

  1. CONNECT– This involves contact and initial interaction with visitors.
  2. ENGAGE– Involves plugin into small groups (Home Group Fellowships and Discipleship Groups). Baptism, New Believers Class and Membership Class are foundational.
  3. GROW. Through School of Ministry members are equipped for effective ministry in the market place and Church.


Email: jackline@nairobibaptist.co.ke



We thank the Lord for the music and Sunday service teams that spend hours in practice and prayer as they prepare to minister.
  1. TEACHING AND PRAYER– Through the pulpit we seek to teach, encourage and challenge the congregation towards holistic growth as Christ followers.
  2. WORSHIP INCLUDING CREATIVE ARTS-We encourage various expressions of worship through our creative arts ministry. This includes: Drama, music, spoken word and dance.
  3. MEDIA MINISTRY. This ministry supports the pulpit ministry and other forums in the church. We broadcast our services through the media TV and Social Media. Online streaming of Sunday services via the Ngong Road Facebook page ,YouTube and NBC TV.
Worship: melina@nairobibaptist.co.ke
Media :antipa@nairobibaptist.co.ke

We are amazed by God’s work in spurring the hearts of His people in the area of missions, who have come forward to participate in various activities;

1. Outreach Through community Engagement. This includes:
  • a) Disability Ministry
    b) Deaf Community Sunday Service
    c)Disaster Response
    d)Entrepreneurship program

2.  Outreach through evangelism: Every year we purpose to have evangelistic programs aimed at reaching the unreached communities.

3. Outreach to friends from other faiths: This is done through sports, open debate and volunteer teaching.

4. Missionary Care and support: NBC continues to partner with various mission based organizations and individuals.

Email : kaiza@nairobibaptist.co.ke



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