Our Location

We are located in Westlands at Prideinn hotel along Westlands Road.

Our Services

Sunday service at Pride inn Restaurant from 10AM-11:45AM

Thursday Prayer service from 4.00p.m -6.00p.m at Ngecha Road.

How To Find Us

A Warm Welcome

The plan and the goal of Nairobi Baptist Church, NBC Westlands is to be available to the Lord Jesus Christ so that he may use us to build the kind of church he himself wants; to be available to the Lord Jesus Christ to use us to build God’s kingdom – not ours.
We want to be Christ-centred in who we are, in what we say and in what we do. We want to build Strong Families whose strength is in worshipping God together, learning from God together, serving God together and fulfilling God’s mission to the nations together. 
A Worshipping Community of the Lord Jesus Christ that is Advancing the Kingdom of God through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Erastus Weru
Lead Pastor

"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me." Psalm 66:16

Today (17th June 2018) after the 10.00am service my son 11 year son asked ‘what does it mean to give his life to God?’. This was following Rev Mulandi's appeal at the end of the service. I explained to him the best I could and now I need guidance on how to encourage and support him. That to me has been the best Father’s day gift ever.
1. We are encouraged by the PPI partnership – Visitor to NBC Westlands
2. Good service, warm and welcoming hospitality team.
NBC Westlands

NBC westlands

Christ Centered Church; Strong Families; Transformed Nations

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